The Bachelor finale: who did Ben Flajnik choose? *UPDATE*

Well, well, well… tonight is the big night. Bachelor Ben finally gets to conclude this nightmare he’s been living for the past year or so.

If you’re reading this, then you actually care about this show. And by care I mean you:

  • love to make fun of it & attempt to outwit & outTweet other shameless viewers
  • get ridiculously and dangerously drunk every Monday with the many versions of The Bachelor drinking game
  • are emotionally invested in every season and genuinely care for the well-being of these women (c’mon, really?)

I will admit, I have watched previous seasons & it’s one of my *very guilty* pleasures. It’s so obviously a hot mess, but for some reason so many of us keep going back for more.

The reason I wanted to ramble on about it in this blog is because I still cannot figure out for the life of me WHY ON EARTH Ben even signed up to be the Bachelor in the first place? I would LOVE to hear some of your theories.

I watched Ben get his heart broken on Ashley’s season & it appeared he could not get away from that situation fast enough. He was crushed. Embarrassed. PISSED. And then, BAM. He’s the next Bachelor.

What’s interesting is how he’s gone from being one of the most loved men in the show’s history to one of the most disliked and made fun of dudes yet. Nearly every comment I see as of late is negative.

I mean, I liked Ben during Ashley’s season and I still do. IMHO he’s the most real, down-to-earth bachelors yet. I just think he signed up for more than he bargained for. Ben strikes me as a guy who doesn’t have patience for drama and this show IS drama. So, what did those producers do to get him to say yes?

I’ve mulled it over in my head & I think he did it for the benefit of his company. See, Ben is a winemaker. Since I do like the guy, I’ll link to the website now. I imagine the sales & overall exposure of his company has quintupled since the season premiere. Would I blame the guy if this was his motivation for going on the show? No. Absolutely not. Do I think that was his main motivation? Also, no.

I feel like Ben did want to find love because he found something in himself in his first experience that made him respect the process. I think he was smart enough to know that it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it did not all work out.

So. Courtney or Lindzi? I actually do not have a preference either way. I actually do not hate Courtney with a fiery passion like everyone else does. Sure, she said and did tons of mean and terrible things throughout the season. The way she scrunches up her face was extremely painful to watch at times. But I know how editing can be in the world of reality TV.

Also, she’s a model who has been part of the Hollywood scene before. I’m by no means excusing her actions, but I think she’s formed her hard exterior because women can be so awful to each other. Plus, women are different with their significant others than they are with girls – especially with ones they are competing against.

Lindzi on the other hand seems like an overall easy choice. And since I view her as an easy choice, I don’t think she and Ben could ever work. I don’t think Ben likes that Lindzi had only had one previous relationship. I don’t think Ben likes sitting on the super  high pedestal she placed him on.

Not sure how I will manage through all 3 hours of the finale tonight, but it will be interesting to see if he and the woman he chose are still engaged. Heck, I’m still sad about Ali & Roberdddo breaking up…

*UPDATE* I had already read the spoilers & I think it was obvious who he was going to choose…but now we have seen the proposal between Ben & Courtney.

The After the Final Rose was pretty intense – lots of tears from both sides. It turns out they have already broken up, but are now back together. Time for the final test – to see if things work when the show has ended.

OH! And then there’s US Magazine with pictures of Ben kissing other women… Curious…

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